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The Complex Aspects of Florida Medical Marijuana Defense

Many questions come into mind when you try to think about decriminalization of marijuana. We all understand the detrimental effects it has on the mental state of a person. However, so to speak, we all tend to focus more on the negative side and ignore the positive side. Marijuana is tagged medicinal or illegal based on the way it is used. For instance, when marijuana is used to treat a medical condition it becomes medical marijuana but when used for recreational purposes it becomes illegal marijuana. Both cases depend largely on the state law applicable in your area. In Florida the law does not give an explicit leeway for use of medical marijuana. Florida Medical Marijuana Defense is only considered as a valid necessity defense.

What then does Florida Medical Marijuana Defense mean to the user? Well, this means that as a medical user you may still be arrested and charged for possession of cannabis. However, there is a loophole for you; medical necessity can be used as an acceptable defense against conviction. The medical necessity defense may be applicable for you and it may not and that is why it will be wise to seek guidance from a competent Florida marijuana lawyer.

For Florida marijuana prosecutors it is always challenging when prosecuting marijuana offenders. The prosecutors always strive to be as just as possible since those who profit from social trafficking and sale of illegal drugs operate under the umbrella of medicinal usage. Therefore, they always have to be wise when rendering judgment.


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