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Benefits of Florida medical Marijuana Defense

The Benefits of a Florida Medical Marijuana Defense

The diversity and complexity of Florida marijuana laws make it inevitable for individuals and businesses to seek advice from competent medical marijuana attorneys.  They help get a dismissal or reduction of charges imposed. They also help lessen penalties and guide clients when ascertaining whether they qualify for Florida drug court or not.

A Florida Medical Marijuana Defense can help you avoid charges and penalties such as:

  1. Consequences of intent to distribute marijuana- this attracts various fines;
  • For 25 pounds you face up to $5000 fines and a 5 years jail term.
  • 25 to 2000 pounds attract $25000 fine and up to a 15 years jail term with min 3 years.
  • For over 10000 pounds it attracts $20000 max fine and up to 30 years in jail with min 15 years.
  1. There are many other implications asides license suspension, fines, and jail time that can be listed easily. Some of these implications include;
  • Employment loss
  • Illegibility to apply for scholarships and other scholarships opportunities.
  • Illegibility to possess a firearm.
  1. Other DUI charges apply as well. These include;
  • Probation
  • DUI school
  • Service to the community
  • License is suspended in addition to possession time
  • Fines
  • Jail time plus possession time.

A competent Florida Medical Marijuana Defense can help you evade or lessen these penalties and fines. Remember also that all these items are further escalated with respect to the number of times you have been charged initially.

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